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About Us

Krečionica - The Creative Classroom is a language school specialised in teaching Croatian as a foreign language. Our lessons are carefully created and customised to our students' needs.

Our Croatian language school is located in Zagreb, Croatia and offers various individual, group and Skype courses of Croatian. 

Whether you have just started learning Croatian as a beginner, or you need to practice your Croatian vocabulary and grammar skills - Krečionica is the place for you.

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Language teaching is our way of life. We strive for perfection and we will work hard in order to help our every student in becoming fluent in Croatian. Our teachers are motivated, experienced and results-oriented. Learning Croatian in Krečionica is fun, creative and most importantly - effective. Our goal is to keep it this way.

Have you already heard about our custom created learning materials - Crocards?  


Kristina Pavlić, Founder and professor

Anita Ulovec, Digital marketing expert