Ignorance is not an option,
while having fun is obligatory.
That’s why we combine business and laughter.


About us

Krečionica – The Creative Classroom is the place where we unite creativity and efficiency. We are led by the idea that ignorance is not an option, while having fun is obligatory. That’s why we combine business and laughter. We are teachers who enjoy doing our job. And we are delighted if our job is done well.

Our profession is language teaching, so it means that the Creative Classroom’s lessons are language-based. Croatian for foreigners is something we have been doing for several years. Our lessons are created carefully and they are customized to your needs and requirements. The experience shows that this is the only way of working correctly and efficiently. Our job has the purpose, what makes us extremely happy.

The language teaching is our way of life. Methodology of work was brought almost to perfection.
Almost means that we believe progress is always possible. Each task and every new job represent a new challenge and, at the same time, the opportunity for our professional growth. We consider the cooperation with you a two-way street, and something we should invest to.

We also deal with texts, since they are very important language parts. In order to help youto improve your language skills, we will edit and proofread all types of texts for you. Proofreading is the service whose purpose is to help us enhance your business if you want to present it in a proper way. Our motto, when talking about proofreading, is – There is no place for mistakes.

And that’s it. You don’t have to make the difference between business and entertainment anymore.
Krečionica – The Creative Classroom includes both.
It’s not an oxymoron. Come and experience it.



Kristina is a positive energy who would always enter the classroom full of enthusiasm that cannot help but spread to everyone in the room! Every class would contain listening, conversation and writing/grammar. She explains this complicated language in a way that is easy to understand and gives a toolbox for how to think to solve this labyrinthine grammar. It gave me both good baseline knowledge and finally the confidence I needed to start talking outside of class.

Emma, Sweeden


Kristina is by far the best Croatian teacher I
have ever had. I can honestly say that any understanding I have of the daunting world that is Croatian grammar is due to her. Kristina brings a passion for teaching and an energy with her that lends itself to a positive and fun learning-environment. She truly wants you to succeed.

Andrew, Canada


When I decided to learn Croatian, I haven't thought it would be that difficult. I won't forget the day when it was impossible for me to introduce to Krečionica, but after a package of 30 individual classes I'm able to participate political conversation both discuss social matters. All that because of you, Kristina, the best professor in the world.

Hamid SH, Iran


She is great teacher, very enthusiastic and motivating. I was completely satisfied as her student.

Csilla, Hungary