The little things every classroom must have

When you’re a teacher who has been working for several years now – your expectations increase, that’s for sure. Your demands, too. Well, this introduction would seem pretty serious if it was written by anyone else but me – a teacher.

My lessons, our lessons, are largely determined by the place they are held at. Because, in some way, it determines my mood. That’s why I am looking forward to those who have a certain … charm? Well, something special, atypical, something to warm the place. And I’m the one who used to enter lots of different places (mostly business ones) in order to hold my lessons.

The process of scaning an improvised classroom starts automatically; quickly, efficiently, under-the-table. And I always notice the same things, if there is any colour, a candy bowl or a glass full of coloured pencils. A candy bowl … candies expired, left there for a long time…. but that bowl … Maybe I’m more interested in the mystery of putting it there… really cold, boring, a typical commercial space . Someone had to choose an appropriate size bowl, maybe it was the colour that was essential… and then it was filled with its content.

This is neither an article on how teachers need  supporting technology in their classrooms nor on the need to adjust  plans and programmes of contemporary educational systems. This is the article about our reasons, reasons that made us love what we do. And we certainly love something warm, human, functional – and sweets definitely meet the requirements .
It’s not a problem, we will write some texts on teacher-student relationship, texts on super cool methodological issues, too; we will recommend some really helpful materials and interesting books…but it seemed to us that one should write about little things that matter.

Well, regarding that: we would like your homework to be neatly written and your notebooks to be carefully selected; we would also like you to arrive on time, but won’t be too strict if you are late… what we like even more is to see you smiling. We are waiting for your recommendations and suggestions, yourcritics. We want you to make an effort even if you’re tired. You might think that we do not notice these things but they really help us grow up… with you, of course.
The little things. Things that make the difference.