(Not) looking through pink glasses - the blog on them and us

I am starting this blog with one Ukrainian’s thoughts about Croatia he came to and Croatian people he met. When asked what he thought of Croats, he smiled mysteriously. And I thought it was not a good beginning.

Vitaly has only been here for a while (6 months approx.). I consider him competent when it comes to quality assessment of living here also because Croatia is only one of the stations to him. Well-experienced cosmopolitan talks about the differences and similarities between the two capitals.

Vitaly is an extraordinarily pretty 33-year old man. I am purposely starting the main paragraph with this remark as he opens our discussion by comparing the looks of their and our…women.
He is pretty sure that Ukrainian and Russian are the most beautiful women. BUT! (somehow we like him) he thinks the same for Croatian girls. This conversation is going in the right direction, it seems.

Vitaly feels comfortable here. Feeling comfortable is a desirable condition because Kiev is currently the city, and Ukraine country where politics dictates a state of mind. After analysing the political situation in Ukraine he says that life is relaxing here. The inability to create your own future, to start some business projects, bothers him because everything is in Their hands, and it’s in vain to fight against Them.

He says that Ukrainians are introverts, when compared to Croatians, after all. That’s why he likes our openness and immediacy.

Wow, what a surprise, he admires the beauty of nature, and he managed to explore it through almost 3 seasons now. He is looking forward to autumn in Zagreb…Croatia. Taking photos of butterflies lover can hardly wait to discover some hidden, even more secluded destination. Well, there are quite a lot such places, dear Vitaly. Just go southwest of Zagreb and then…

The other day Vitaly went shopping. Of course, there are a lot of shops and brands in Kiev, but prices differ. In a negative way. He says it’s a pleasure to buy something when it’s 70% off, at the same place – one of the shopping centres Zagreb is full of, and Kiev is not. He didn’t’ go to a grocery shop. He forgot to.

He has just told me he enrolled in a PhD study in Zagreb.
The education systems in Ukraine and Croatia? To be continued…
We don’t have to do it all right now. Vitaly doesn’t like pressure… and it seems that he likes living here in Croatia.