Someone's peeping! Great!
Let's do it as in school!

• NAME: CROCARDS (Makes sense, doesn't it?)

• CONTENT: 100 illustrated cards for learning Croatian (divided into nine topics); For full beginners (Ohhhh, come on! Don't be shy! We've all been beginners once!)

TOPICS: numbers, professions, colours, places, fruits, vegetables, clothes, weather, transportation

• PACKAGE: Beautiful and precious, solid box.

• DIMENSIONS: 200x100x110 (LxWxH)

• WEIGHT: 0,6 kg

• PURPOSE: Learn basic vocabulary of Croatian language in order to... skip to intermediate! :) 

• ADVANTAGE: Each word is put in a sentence/question as an example. That's how you learn the whole structure and not just a separate word.

• PRICE: 250 kn + delivery costs (max. 40 kn for Croatia)


  • 32 AUD

  • 21 USD

  • 17 EUR

  • 27 CAD

Please e-mail us for more information if needed!